Sunset ZipLine "Skyline" (Cartagena)

Sunset ZipLine "Skyline" (Cartagena)

The tour begins by climbing a majestic Guanacaste tree on a spiral staircase with a height of 18 meters. The tour consists of 10 canopy lines and 19 platforms. Halfway through the tour, we did an exciting platform jump swinging on a rope from one tree to another to continue with the rest of the tour. Then we continue with another cable and we arrive at an excellent place to take pictures under the shade of the forest, on a pass and suspension bridge. All the tour takes place aerially, that is, platforms on trees like the one in Guanacaste, which offer the visitor the possibility of observing diverse flora and fauna on the route, as well as an unbeatable feeling of connection with the nature. The maximum height experienced in the activity is 25 meters and the cable longest is 350 meters.
From a platform 25 meters from the ground or sliding down the cables, either way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience with your family and friends. We will perform the complete circuit and we will finish at night, so get ready to discover new sensations when flying in the dark, but don’t worry, you will have a lamp installed in your helmet and experienced guides that will accompany you the whole tour. What does the tour include?
● 10 cables of different lengths, the longest being 350 meters. 

● Climb a spiral staircase 18 meters high. 

● 1 stair bridge on the route. 

● 1 rope jump from tree to tree. 

● 1 handrail. ● 1 suspension bridge. 

● Certified adventure guides. 

● Equipment (harnesses, gloves and helmets) of the highest quality. 

● Soft drink or bottled water included at the end of the tour. 

● Photography service by contract (optional)

Sunset ZipLine "Skyline" (Cartagena)
Person: $95.00

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